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Thanks for the info... there is a life time of projects here... Whe will I be able to retire and really crank this stuff out?... My Feather brain has been submitted to "flyfishing in Saltwaters" and the photo's were professionally done by Jay I will believe it when I see the two page spread uner "flytyer bench".. I will then submit the Flounder and then Crab Apple.. the editor wanted those as well... now, I will seriously look at the Carrie Stevens fly and do them in the FB style... don't know if they will fish so I will have to get test runs from you guys eventually. Also.. both Juro and I have to do a write up in Bob Veverka's new book on Inovative flies focusing on Cape Cod. I think his new book will be doing the fishing areas and the flys that are used there... you might be interested to know that I have time for that write up since he is finishing a book right now, he tells me , on Innovative spey flies. ( You know my own book is percolating right now in my head... but I need to creat more original flys... I am raking my brain right now's hard since I want them realistic...but they have to fish too.)

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