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Another idea for a wider body

Hi Chris....I used to have the problem with closing the gap on making fatter bodied dragons.....then I found a helper. Go to your local drug store and go into the section that sells toothpaste etc. Look for a style of wooden toothpick known as a " Stimudent"
they are taper tooth picks that can be lashed onto the side of the hook with the long taper to the front. Trim the rear taper rather blunt and you have a nice wide bodied fly with a little floatation , that, when fished on a full sink will keep the fly just above the weedbeds.

When lashing on the stimudents, tie them to the sides of the hook with the edge or flat to the hook shank and the nice taper to the outside edge, you want a nice wide flat look to the hook. I hope I am clear on the directions here. If you did a cross section of the hook with the stimudents tied in place , you should have a nice diamond shape this way. looking from the rear <>. This leaves the gap alone but gives you a nice wide abdomen.

Some of the flytyers I know use the same method to fatten up their Stone fly patterns

Good luck

Best regards....jake

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