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Jake - You're right, dragonfly nymphs are big buggers, that's for certain; I remember as a child seeing their husks attached to the underside of our dock and thinking, "What the heck is that?!?" This pattern may be more aptly called a damselfly nymph, as you suggest. I've tied a couple of fatter-bodied flies up that might pass for a d'fly, however the issue becomes trying to maintain adequate gap; I may need to try different hooks.
I bring the rib up to behind the head, which has the mono eyes attached via figure-8, then tie the rib off and tie in the marabou. The marabou used for the legs and wing, as you might suspect, are the same fibers, tied in at the bottom of the shank, then brought up and over the eye and secured atop the shank; the wing is then clipped to the "right size", as near as I can make it.
I may try to tie a couple of dragonfly nymphs up using a waddington shank, but I think that simply using a longer shank hook in general will enable me to maintain the gap needed.
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