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The best buy on the market for quality dry fly hackle are #3 grade necks that sell for around #25.00 to $35.00. This is what I buy and it is what nearly all commercial/professional tyers such as A.K. Best and Al Troth buy as well. The reason for this is simple, unless you are tying a lot of flies in size #18 to 24, the #1 necks are a waste of money. The #3 necks are mostly composed of #12 to 16 hackles and these are the most used sizes for dry flies too. Keep in mind that #3 necks do not have inferior dry fly hackle on them, they just have very few of the really small ones.

The next best value for the dollar after the #3 necks is the Whiting hackle packs that sell for about $10.00 each. (This is what Cabella's is selling; but they can be found at most any good fly shop for the same price)

These are followed by the Metz 3 packs composed of three colors of hackle, and they sell for around $25.00 (This is also what Cabella's is selling, and they can be found at most any good fly shop for the same price as well.)

The bottom line is why spend $70.00 or more for a #1 grade neck or Whiting saddle when you don't need to. The #3 neck has a larger variety of sizes and a greater number of the most used #12 to #16 hackle.
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