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The river in question is the Etowah, not the Chattahoochie (what a stupid name) which, while it holds a resident population of browns, rainbows, and brookies waaaaaaay farther north than the Atlanta sector, also harbors a lot of crap that comes out of the Atlanta storm sewers. I've never had the desire to fish it, as I'm not certain that my waders can withstand chemicals of that nature.
The Etowah flows out of a local lake that's got a healthy population of stripers. I'm going to try and get up to Hiawassee this Summer to fish one of the lakes for hybrids, which I'm told are very capable fighters on the long rod... but then, if you fish a light enough outfit, what isn't...

Just clarifying, in case Fred thought I'd step foot into that "lovely" river flowing through downtown Atlanta! No way!
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