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RE:Angler's Journal

Juro, I made up a "fishing Log" a couple of years ago, I think I used Microsoft's Works. It had the time, date, location, weather, wind, speed, surf, tide, moon, bait seen, bird activity, fish caught, flies used, and what flies caught fish. This program was the second I made. The first was when I was doing some serious trout fishing which I kept faithfully for 3 years. Looking back at it I found that I caught more trout on a Blue dun fly either wet or dry. The data I found was very interesting. Something like 2700 trout in 3 years. It reminded me of a fly I developed which I called "Trouteater" One day using it, I took 12 trout on 12 cast, with rainbows to 5 lbs. I don't know why but I discontinued keeping a record. I should again start the practice. It does help. The only thing that I find is bad is that you get locked in on certain flypatterns, and don't get to try new ones.
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