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Buying Hackle?

I am interested in tying mostly size 12-16 dry flies and would like to buy hackle in colors such as grizzly, brown, and blue dun. What type of hackle would best serve my purpose? What about quality of hackle?

Cabela's sells packets of three different colored sections of Metz dry fly hackle that can be used to tie approximately 200 flies in sizes 12-16 for $24.95. Is this good quality hackle for a good price? Whiting also sells packages of saddle feathers for various size dry flies. They normall include enough hackle to tie 100 flies and sell for about $10 per pack.

I would like to buy several different colors of quality hackle, but do not need or can I afford to buy three different colored, whole rooster necks. Any advice on purchasing dry fly hackle?
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