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South of the Mason/Dixon....Center of Heaven

my word, my word, i feel so alone here on the forum. Sure, you yankees are nice guys, but where are all of my Southern brethren? Surely i am not the only gentleman of the South who enjoys standing in a crique waving a stick? You Northern fellas like to talk about trout, steel heads, and surf fishing....well, that's nice, and i sure do enjoy the discussions, but sometimes you just need to talk with someone about bluegills, NASCAR, and this year's tobacco yeild. Sure, i like to fly for trout, hell, love to fly for the brookies of my mountain streams, but fellas, what about the pumpkin seeds, the green sunfishies, and the bowfin? Ever hooked into a 10lb channel cat with a Murray's strymph or a craw-fly? Sure, he ain't as purty as no trout, but fry that sucker up with some onions and beans and get back!!! I even cought a cotton mouth once (he got to keep the fly)...Where are all of my VA boys....The russell Fork crew?...the McClure river Rats? Bubba's a-callin home, boys!! Wher you-uns be at?
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