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Question Did you try running the boat first

I was curious if you ran the boat to see if the water pump was working? It's pretty easy to see if it's working properly. It's not good to run it dry, and some engines are more finicky then otheres. But I've done similar thing myself. But luckily wasn't my fault and nothing happened. I've only had jet pumps. And had the attachment drilled in so I could run a hose to it (impossible to get big enough tank to run a jetpump lol). I hooked it up and was doing tune-up on boat. Well, kids were playing in side yard as I was running the boat to make sure the cleaner ran through the carbs. I ran upstairs really quick and came back downstairs to hear the sound of dry running. Come to find out kids had kinked hose and virtually no water was coming into engine. It ran for a good 20-30 seconds dry. I rehooked up engine and watched water flo. It worked great. Took it to lake, it was fine too. Water was coming out, so pump was working (watch the pressure, if it's coming out in spurts or not at all you have a problem). I have a friend who's an ex marine mechanic, and that's one of the "scare you into changing" parts. Mine was fine. But this way my old tank Evinrude. Couldn't do much wrong with that jet engine. LOL
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