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I know it may sound absurd, but in over 15 years, I really can't remember if I've ever had one of these knots fail. I've had other knots fail, broken off fish my share of fish, etc., but this knot has become my standard for attaching up-eye salmon hooks.

It was invented by a long time buddy, and fishing companion Larry Solomon (who, incidentally with Eric Leiser, wrote the first book on caddisflies).

We call it the figure 8 turle. It has the same advantage of the "direct pull" Smolt mentions. It's much, much stronger than a turle. Interestingly, several years ago we were fishing on the Gaspé with steelhead friends from the west coast when one of the fishermen also tied a knot very similar. He thought he had invented it. I'll attach an illustration I did of it many years ago.
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