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Nothing wrong with that Kush

before I bought my sled, I had a chance to buy an attack boat used by the military. One of those inflatables, but pretty bullet proof. I'm not sure if it was factory or converted, but had a pump on it. I assume in military they would want max output from pump, but in same aspect they may want the lower draft a pump gives you. But nothing wrong with it. If I could find one in 21', I'd buy one. LOL. Instead, I'll be buying a Northriver. LOL

PM, those boats can fly. I wish I would've bought my buddies boat. It went 55mph (per depth finder guage) with two of us in the boat. That wasn't full power either. It was a wonderful boat, just came up with my sled alot cheaper. At times wish I would've bought the inflatable. Alot lighter then my reinforced aluminum sled.
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