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Originally posted by juro
...Another example of wholesale regulation without taking the time to consider the impacts to everybody IMHO.
Yet another example of special interest groups with their head buried in their @$$e$, IMHO. I'm getting tired of reading and hearing about all of these groups taking matters into their own hands and deciding "what's best" for the species in question, as well as for those people having an impact, or being impacted by, the presence of the species, particularly when there's a hidden agenda driving the decision-making. Perhaps it's time for me to get out of the aquarium industry and use my education and experience to start slapping these groups upside the head.
Pardon my tone, but it's frustrating... recreational fishing accounted for over $116 BILLION during 2001 (the latest data available); do these idiots honestly believe that with all the money spent by recreational anglers, many of us who know the habits and life histories of the fish better than researchers, we would want this pastime to go away? Of course we don't; we want the fisheries to thrive. DUH!
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