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RE:Illegal Stripers At Sushi Bar

Interesting, I didn't know they farm raised stripers. As versatile as they are I would assume they would fare well in a farm.

So Mike - how was it? Inquiring minds want to know.

Can't wait fer bonito!

<font size="1">I was never a big sushi eater until my thirties when I worked in southern Cal. Everybody does sushi down there, and I started to get a taste for it. My favorite was always the bonito, which is filleted in quarters and just the top half is used. They skin it and slice it into triangles, then sear the edges for just a second on the hibachi and dunk into icewater to stop the cooking process. They then slice it, put it on the rice ball and dribble a tiny splash of a mixture of rice vinegar, soy, soup stock and sliced green onion as they serve it. Awesome.</font><!--1-->
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