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I hope you dont mind me jumping in and giving my answer sean but there is nothing you can do about it:hehe:

I have used spey rods on the salt but do not prefer them over a good 9' 6 or 7 wt. spey rods as you know can be roll cast very easily and are nice for getting a quick shot out to rising fish but other than that I dont see a big advantage for cutts. A lot of the guys that fish around Point no Point and some of the other similar type beaches use the spey rods but mainly for the silvers.
There is one time that i like having the spey and that is when I am fishing oyster beds and the depth is very constant over a large area. This lets me cast a long distance and stay away from the fish as they can be very spooky when they are on the oyster beds.
I also do not like having such a large rod when I am fighting the fish. I much prefer the feel of the single handed rod when fighting the cutts.
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