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question for mattzoid

I spey cast rivers for steel and saw your post about fishing the sound with overhand spey casting.

My question is what are the benefits you are seeing with fishing these rods? The east coat guys use them for heavy surf where I can see the advantage of being able to cast over the waves but in the sound we do not have that problem.

The reason I ask is that I have thought about trying them but seeing that I catch the majority of the cutts and silvers within 50 feet down to 1 foot from the shore it seems the long rods adavantage for distance is not necessary. Also getting a fly out quickly to cover a rising fish seems out of the question with a long rod (I could very well be wrong on this one).

Hope you do not take this post the wrong way. I am really interested in hearing about the benefits you are seeing and possibly giving it a try myself.

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