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I have experimeted a good deal with hooks for tube flies. For many years the Kamsan trebles were the standard. It was only when I started going to the Kola, and later BC, hat there was a cause for a "blood thirsty Viking" to re think the use of "anchors".

I wrote an article on this for the Oregon's Flyfishers Club in the fall, and maybe it can be transferred to here. (no promises!)

To be short: if a treble reaches 100%, a Loop type tube double reaches ~80% and large single ~60% (Owner 80%) and a small one less than 50%. (Owner 70%) This is not science - just an angler's estimate.

I do not mean 100% success - even with a treble one will miss 10-25% of all fish hooked. If so it often is very early in the fight.

I think the Loop doubles makes for a pefrect compromise, wherever allowed. Contrary to common belief a double causes LESS harm than a thin wired single that often enough cna act as a cheeese cutter in a big salmon's mouth. The resulting gash is worse than the two anchor points created by a double.

Last year we radiotagged 30 good sized June-fish on the Kharlovka. I dare say 99% of those were caught on doubles. At the last reading in October all were alive, and several had been recaught. This says a lot about the harm done by doubles and catch&release alike......!!

I write this "off the hip" from the office. Hopefully it is readable!

Tight lines,

PS. For singles the Owner AKI type short and stout singles are great. They have done me whole lot of good on the Babine. DS

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