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RE:San Francisco fishing ideas

I was there in May . Amazing fishing there. It is one of my favorite places to trout fish. Here is what I suggest

1. Hat Creek and other locations are going to be slower but you can dry fly them more regularly. The shop mentioned below can set those up to. IE give you advice on where and what to fish and set you up with a guide if you want.

2. GO TOO THE LOWER SACRAMENTO RIVER!!!!!!!!!!!. I was there in May and caught 10-15 fish per day and that really is too early. Now you should be hooking up with 25+ fish per full day. They are all native rainbows, and pretty big. My largest in May was 22" but 25"+ fish are not unusual at all. There is also something about the fish that make them fight like mad. I suppose it is because they are native. The best place around is The Fly shop ( in Redding. One of my favorite guides there is named Larry. Just give the shop a call and ask for him. really good guy. The rate was 285.00 per fully day which is pretty good for an all day float trip. There are 3 or 4 other guides out of there. They all seem pretty good except one his name is Barry. I don't know if he still works there but I didn't like him all that much honestly. The fishing is mostly nymphing. It is all about caddis there, green and tan. The fly shop has some really cool caddis patterns so you could just wait but if you wanted to get some now then go for birds nests and other emerger patterns. I haven't heard of them doing much in the way of cased caddis patterns. Also bring generic mayfly patterns, like PTs and hare's ears. You will get a few shots at dry fling so some dries are good. All flys must be barbless (barb pushed down is OK). 6wt is ideal a stiff 5 wt. would be OK or a 7wt.

All these areas are in the Redding, north western Calf. area near lake Shasta. The other big location is near Tahoe. This is more spring creek fishing. The fishing isnít as good at all, but you will have the chance to go after golden trout, man are they pretty. My two cents thought is the lower Sac. it is about 3 hours north of San Fran.

3. Shore fishing. Stripers in the SF Bay are sweet. A boat helps a ton, but you can get them from shore. Sinking lines and standard flies work
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