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RE:Bleak Picture for the Salmon of the World

Thanks Trutta,
I'm getting a little bit of a run a round by the CBC. If I don't get it from them I'll bug Juro for it.
Sorry to here about the big farm in Finland. I thought that Finland had started to wise up in the last few years but then many of the big Aquaculture companies come out of Finland. I used to train many of the employees in the Seattle area that worked in the fish farm labs on proper disinfection proceedures. These labs did research on many different fronts including antibiotic uses on smolts that they would infect with diseases that they thought would sooner or latter show up on the farms. Many of these labs were owned by companies from Finland and the ones that weren't were eventually bought up by companies from Northern Europe and moved over seas. These labs were one scarry place to work when you realised that one minor mistake could wipe out an entire fish population if somehow the diseases got out of the lab.
Thanks again for posting and helping folks realize the seriousness of the problem.
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