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RE:What do you do?!

My first reaction is to throw him back like the fish, but...

I'm starting to believe that it's necessary to have a SW license if it pays for (a) more stringent enforcement policies (b) better accountability for what's really happening out there /mortality, catch records, etc/ and (c) support for well-directed research programs that help guide policy makers to make good decisions and influence a coast-wise management mentality.

If my license dollar pays for more fish cops, I'm willing to buy two. I think every single one of us can tell a story about poaching, mishandling, and lack of respect for the fish that give us recreation and enjoyment. Some fishing techniques are ridiculously arcane and when practiced without care the fish pay a big price.

I'm going to start bringing a video camera primarily to capture great moments while fishing - but also to capture low points. I've always got a camera. I think we can do a lot to create awareness. Some guys are innocent but only know how to fish in ways that mess them up... drag, step, and kick. Others are downright breaking the laws but feel they can get away with anything so why not. If officials start to get evidence from honest anglers, perhaps they can be directed to locations, individuals, and circulstances where this type of this occurs.

Perhaps the existing laws could be changed to prohibit angling for striped bass or bluefish, or any coastal species using conventional striped bass tackle (gear which can be considered suitable for striped bass by enforcement or the magistrate) once a striped bass has been retained by the angler. That would mean you must keep blues before a striper if you want both (pretty likely). It would also mean that if you have possession of a striper caught that day and are fishing, you are breaking the law. Furthermore, specifically name "culling" as illegal.

This is the way steelhead works out west. There is also a punch card to limit and record annual kill per angler.
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