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What do you do?!

My morning excursion to the canal was made interesting (infuriating is probably a better word) by the activities of a sportsjerk (opposite of a sportsman) just down current from me. He stepped up to the water and started throwing a popper to the occasional surface fish and eventually hooked into a nice fish that bordered on the keeper line from my vantage point. Without measuring he hefted this maybe keeper by the gill plate and put it up in the rocks behind him where it thrashed and bashed itself around. He then went back to fishing and about 10 to 15 minutes later he hooked a somewhat larger fish and when he landed it he hefted it by the gill plate and put it in the rocks behind him. He then shoved the first fish over the rocks toward the water. When it finally reached the water it flopped a bit turned on its back then eventually righted itself (Of course no help from mister sportsjerk) and swam (I'm sure to it's death) out into the canal.

I didn't say anything because my experience in other similar situations when I did say something it was unproductive. The only action I have taken in situations like this that worked out was to call enforcement and I lacked a cell phone and the evidence was gone.

How have some of you handled things like this?
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