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When I was a young lad growing up on the East Coast I heard about the mythical steelhead on the opposite Coast. I read up on every bit of information I could find about these fish because I suspected that one day I would end up in the Pacific Northwest chasing them. I did and I do.

Back in the early seventies I distinctly remember reading an article about winter steelheading in Oregon. The writer said that the only way to get a fly down into a winter run steelhead's face was using wire for leader. Since reading that article I've always been intrigued about the wire concept but never tried it. Part of the reason is the quantum leap in sinking lines that have evolved since then, making wire and its “sink factor” redundant.

But the intrigue always remained stuck between my ears. Not for guarding against teeth but for slicing through the water column faster than mono, preferably on a medium sink line instead of a Kerplunk.

Here's the question: do the manufacturers make different diameters? Does the wire they produce tie into a bloodknot like mono so one may consider tapered leaders?

You salt guys know all about wire and all about the fancy knots. I'm wired for mono, have always been, but have always wanted to have a look at heavy metal just because it was there and because that article made such an impression on me.

I steered clear of wire all these years precisely because of the knot factor so any light you can shed on knot-ability and taper-ability would be appreciated. Also, if one was to consider wire for the full leader, what knot connects it to the line? Will it produce a nail-knot?

Thanks for the considerations.
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