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INTRUDER Pattern ( attention Dana and Tyler)

Well tried my hand at this one the other night, and tied it on a tube. They are certainly a labour intensive fly. Having one in hand now, I can certainly see why they illicit such arm straigntening strikes.

This baby runs a full 5 1/2 inches

Showed this to a few non steelhead fishing friends, and the first thing out of their mouths was " wow that looks like a big shrimp "

My daughters cat also went nuts when he saw it , chased me around the house trying to get a taste, guess he thought it looked like food too.

I can imagine if a cat with a brain the size of a walnut likes it, then a steelhead with a brain the size of a pea should be all over it.

Dana and Tyler....once I get a chance to tie a few more I will mail them off

Best regards.....Paul
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