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Thanks for all the advice everyone. I've removed the drums and backing plates, no easy task I decided to go with straight hubs and go without brakes. The boat only has to get a mile or so to the harbor. I'm confident the the suburban will stop the trailer, if it doesn't an H2 should do the trick.:hehe:

If I get into highway towing the trailer is all prepped for the disc kit. 4 bolts, some stainless steel lines, modify the master cylinder, install the reverse lockout solenoid. Do you see why I went with hubs? But at least the tough work is over, saltwater sure does nasty things to nuts and bolts.
After dismantling the surge drum brakes and seeing the hose in the backplate that is supposed to rinse the drums and shoes I can tell you it's a poor design and probably close to useless. It will be discs for sure if I need more braking the the tow vehicle provides.
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