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This is my first Spring thaw too. I don't know much but I'll offer some advice I've picked up here and there. Use new gas - if you did not use fuel stabilizer in the Fall it might be best not to use the old gas in your engine. Others please comment on this. What's the shelf life on gasoline mixed with 2-cycle oil?
The shop where I got my supplies recommended using a carbon remover (basically an overpriced can of Gumout) after starting the engine and running it for a while you use the carbon remover to clean out all the burnt up fogging oil. They said to give it another treatment 1/2 way through the season, something about it being cheaper than a new power head. :eyecrazy: New plugs might be a good idea. Changing the fluid in the lower unit might not be a bad idea. Here's to no water in your gear oil.... Don't forget the trailer wheel bearings.

Last but not least - make sure the water is on when you run the engine. :
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