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New and Improved Stripping Basket

Well after Friday PM I finally got tired of my spinning gear and wished I had the long wand to play with the schoolies.

Also a nice barb by Juro "Geez Sully where's your flyrod?" Juro I always thought you were a barbless guy." I vowed to replace my stripping basket cuz I can't SWFF without it.

At the Spring Clave I noticed Hawkeye aka "The Pope" was fishin with a clear basket which looked cool. Friday at lunch I picked up a new belt at BN. A real nice elastized one with my prereq. quick release buckle. Then yesterday I stopped at the brand new Walmart in town and perused their extensive rubbermaid dishpan collection. The color selection was blue and clear. I picked up the standard 12qt. tub and couldn't believe how bulky it was. Man I used one of these things? Then I noticed right next to them a 5.7 qt. version made of lightweight plastic Hmmm... I bought two at $0.98 each.

I got home and proceeded to disect one with an exacto-knife.It kept cracking at the insertion point of the blade. After butchering both of them I was ready to scrap the idea and go back and buy the klunker 12qt. that is made of rubber. Then it dawned on me. Let's try to cut the required holes in the plastic with the tip of a soldering iron. BINGO! Back to Walmart for another dollar special tub. Needless to say this baby weighs next to nothing. It's lighter, smaller in size and depth but after a little lawn casting it's the balls.

Total cost: $9.95
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