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Juro, I'm not a doubter, I was just asking for an up date. A few months ago I saw a guy on the Delta blasting monsterous overhand casts with a stock #10 15' euro Sage and leadcore. At least 120'.
As far as spey casting is concerned, I think that it might be pleasurable to swing streamers in strong tidal current. Maybe the Nauset inlet?
While we're talking spey/two handed, I asked Jerry Seim(at a show...we're not buddies) what line he likes on the Sage #6. He said a #9 SA. stealhead taper. I was talking to another guy who was constructing a competition speycast line for a #10, and he was making something that seemed to add up to a #15. If you are using a #9 or #15, is it a #6 or #10?
I might be heading back east in late summer. Eddie
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