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Juro, Have you been experimenting with the 2 handed surf rod? Any new developments?
I was playing with my #6 Scott 2hander. I'm not xactly sure what it is going to be good for. I bought it for small coastal streams, but on small streams a single works fine(10' #7).
On a bigger river, I did some indicator nymphing( puffball, splitshot, fly, dropper) with it, but the tangles made by the spey cast were unbelievable. I found that a stimulator with a 3' dropper and a bead head worked great. Great dry fly rod, but setting the hook on a 80' cast is tough, and even 16" trout( stealhead) hardly put a bend in the rod. Hmmm...maybe shad next week.
It is hard experimenting because I find that I can catch more fish with proven methods, so it is a sacrifice as I get up to speed or fail. It is fun casting the 2 hander and I have learned a few cool tricks for the one handed casts. Eddie
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