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Well,it turns out my brother in law only went for a week and didn't do much fishing due to extremely high winds and waves.He basicly said that fishing without a boat was almost impossible because of the waves and the "need" to get off shore a ways.He did fish around Poipu and hooked a few small fish but I don't think he tried anywhere else on the island.

Not much of a report unfortunately.

He did say that everyone over there,including the guides on boat they hired to do some deep sea fishing,had no idea what a flyrod was at all.He said everyone was using rods as big as telephone poles and reels the size of a small house.LOL!More work than fun when fighting fish.They got a few mahi mahi and a small marlin I believe.

Hopefully in due time,some of the guides over there will pick up on flyfishing and become more involved in that area to make good flyfishing trips possible.I guess there is one or two on one of the other islands but they never found anyone on Kauai itself.
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