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Crooked River OR

Well over the next few days I'll be leaving the computer as well as the 10 weight in Mass. for a rendevous with the beautiful rock climbing cliffs of Smith Rock and the equally beautiful rainbows residing upstream of the cliffs in the Crooked river. I wonder how difficult the transition from 10 to 4 weight is going to be.

I have made this trip every year for the last 6 and I start looking forward to the next one on the drive home. The rock climbing is world class and IMHO so is the trout fishing. About six years ago I read a report in a local fishing magazine that told of some increadable number of trout per mile (8,000 I think) and I had to go. However many trout there are in the river I have come to expect fifty fish days with most being between 9 - 12 inches and a sprinkling of 15 - 20 inchers to make things interesting. This is also the place where I had my weirdest fly fishing experience. (See my post "the weirdest thing...")

When I get back I'll post a report and if I can find a way I will post a pic or two of the gorgeous high desert scenery. Until then save a few stripers for me and think good weather for the Monomoy Clave.
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