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Virgins 0, Sully 1

Fishing at PI this morning a young lady all set up for fishing stopped by and asked Terry and I if the fish were biting. We told her yes that schoolies are around.

While we were fishing I noticed her setting up with herring chunks and fishfinder with a 2oz. sinker. Just before I had to leave I went over and asked her if she was fishing for dinner and she replied no. I then explained to her that schoolies is a term used to describe sub-legal striped bass and that the minimum size of a keeper is 30". I then explained that I had caught some fish this morning that were far short of that size and I released them all basically unharmed. She said that she doesn't keep any fish either.

Without inquiring about her fishing virginity, wise move on my part. I went into detail of the ethics of C&R and how to fish plastics with spinning gear. She was very interested since I convinced her that it is a very productive way to catch fish. So I replaced her bait fishing setup with a jig and BA. I gave her a lesson on how to fish it and how to handle and release the fish, wished her luck and off I went. I know it's not an introduction to SWFF but since she had equipment and was willing to learn I figured I'd do the next best thing. I hope she caught one.
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