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First of all have a great time. Next, make sure you have plenty of #2, 4 gotchas in different weights with a cream or light tan zonker wing. That was the guides preference everyday I was there earlier this month.

I also had good luck with these two. The first is called a Wellington and was shown to me by harry Koons this past winter.

34007 #2 / 4
tuft of orange zonker fur as an egg sac at the bottom bend of the hook
two 4" long pieces black crystal flash
3-4 1" long pieces rainbow crystal flash
two 2" long pieces white rubber 'legs' tipped with red marker
tie on eyes, clouser style (vary size/weight to suit the depths you expect to fish)
Wrap shank with pearl body braid to back of eyes
Pink v-rib in open spiral over the body braid (optional)
light tan zonker (fur only, no hide) in 4 small bunches beginning from behind the eyes
pink thread for head

Then I tried a variation on that idea which substituted a dubbed body that I wrapped arounnd the eyes. I found this worked well in very shallow water as it landed much lighter. try it with some #8 brass bead chain eyes ( hardware store ) and a pair of extended mono stalk eyes sticking out from the back.

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