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RE:hooking flesh

Yes, this happened to me with a Gibb's 3.5 oz. popper trble hook. These things have VERY large barbs. I never crushed the barb on my hooks before becoming a fly fisherman - just didn't know you should. Hook went into the side of my pinky as I was reaching down to unhook a big schoolie. He shook his head violently - lure flew out of his mouth and right into my finger.

You asked if it hurt much and it was just like you described - I was severely bummed emotionally when I saw the lure in my hand - but that's the only way I would have know, that I saw it. It didn't hurt at all when it happened (endorphins?). As time went by (on the ride to the hospital since it wouldn't push out) it started to burn and then throb. When the EMT's wrapped it so it wouldn't move around causing more damage - it hurt alot. I think alot of it had to do with the concern of what they will do to get it out. ER doc had a really bad time getting it out since they try to back it out by sliding a small slender scalpel down the shank to try to cut a path for the barb. Evetually, she had to push it through. NOTE: you do NOT want to just try to push it through - depends upon where the hook is on your body. You CAN cause severe and permanent damage to nerves that may NOT have already happened.

I was "lucky" - it hit tendon and skin, but apparently didn't permanently damage anything. It was however infected for quite a while even after antibiotics. They wound up cutting it open 6 months later and pulled out "something", which everyone thought was part of the fish's mouth. Turned out to be part of me - a cyst that formed due to the folded in skin from the hook pushing through.

Yes, crush the barbs - I would have been in ALOT better shape (probably would have kept fishing and got a tetnus later.
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