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Pheasant tail nymph - an old standby

This is one of my favorites. Its simple to tie, easy to modify & effective.

Hook: Tmc 3761 #16
Thread: brown #8/0
Bead(optional): glass or metal
Tail: Pheasant tail or biot
Body: Pheasant tail
Rib(optional): gold embroidery thread
Thorax: Peacock herl

Wrap a neat underlay of thread on the hook, if a rib is esired tie it in now. Then layer 3 thread wraps on top of each other to tie the pheasant tail in as the tail. Wrap the thread and then the pheasant tail 2/3'rds of the way to the eye. tie off the pheasant tail on the bottom of the hook and then pull it up like post 90 degrees to the top of the hookand add a couple of wraps to hold it in place. Counterwrap the rib if one is used and tie it off. Tie in the peacock herl for the thorax wrap forward then tie it off. Fold the pheasant tail over the top of the peacock to form a wing case and tie it down. Now you can either cut off the remainder of the tail, fold it down on both sides of the hook like a beard or fold it out to the sides.

Other ways to modify this fly are to use foam for the wing case which makes the fly an emerger, add lead weight as an underbody for a deep sinking fly or use partridge feathers for a beard.

With a bead

Without the bead

Or a whole batch of them

John Desjardins
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