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hooking flesh

can anyone please tell me the correct way to remove a fishing hook from human flesh?

i just returned from a fishing trip in the middle of no-where, when my fishing buddy got himself hokked on a no12 hook before his first cast.
the hook was in past the barb in the palm of his hand and was not keen on coming out. we tried to remove the hook with various methods which had no effect other than to get my 120kg fishing buddy pissed off.
we then had to drive for 5 hours to the nearest hospital for the hook to be exreacted in less than a second.

i know that every angler will eventually get himself badly hooked, including myself eventualy, but i would like to know the best extraction procedure for when it happens, at least to save on fishing time.

also is getting hooked really as sore as it seems. my buddy didnt seem to mind to much at fist, but after a couple of hours travling time he was stating to panic.

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