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well, you're allready tying the best pattern... the clouser. make sure to tie them with a flashtail (flash extending past the hair from 1/4 to 1 inch depending on size). the plain clousers tied on larger hooks work when herring and anchovies are the predominant bait (i don't fish where candlefish are common). for a more specific herring profile, look at the clouser half and half, again with a flashtail.

for colors i like chartreuse and white... nothing else even comes close to outproducing this color combo offshore.

offshore, you'll catch plenty of pinks with this color combo also... i don't target pinks but catch them around the coho.

i use bucktail predominently. i look for softer hair, and use polar flash as the flash material (flashabou works well, but is less durable). i find the stiffer materials look less real when not moving (i like a two handed retreive for these patterns and surface patterns) compared to the softer natural and synthetic fibers.

if fishing for feeding salmon, worry less about numbers of different patterns and more about numbers so you don't run out <G>.

good luck, july 1 (maybe earlier on the coast) can't come fast enough.

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