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Dave, it won't be long now.

John, It does have the general shrimp shape. But I'd have to rethink the materials to turn this into a shrimp imitation the biots I've used aren't long enough to tie a #4 or 6 fly . Maybe a quill body, percary or Moose hair.

Juro, Thanks I sure hope the fish don't see the flys that size.

Brad, Yup, I managed to make it back to the hotel on Tuesday night and then spent Wednesday stuck in a hotel room with the vise tying. Had to make up for it on Thursday working a double shift. It was interesting to contrast the Colorado storm with an east coast storm.

The Colorado storms have ~ 1/3 the number of people plowing public roads with the attitude that "it will melt in a couple of daysso we only need to open up 1 lane on this side street" while on the east coast its a compulsive rush to keep every last inch of the road clear with the expection that an artic clipper will freeze everything into a brick like consistency if you don't clear it NOW.

On the east coast you always have someone on tv standing in front of a beach talking about the tide & storm surge while in Colorado it's the avalanche danger.

Most interesting was watching the weathermen giving instruction on how to shovel "heavy" snow.

More blizzard flys will be posted in time.
John Desjardins
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