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CDC & Biot emerger

I got a chance while stuck in a hotel durring a blizzard last to sit down and tie a few of these.

Hook: any midge hook is suitable. I used a #18 TMC 2487bl on the first fly and a #22 TMC 101 on the second

Thread: color to suit

Body: Goose Biot, soaked in water to allow easier tying. If you tear the biot off the quill you will see a dimple at the base of it . to get a segmented look (top fly) tie in the biot with the dimple towards the hook eye. For the look of a quill body (bottom fly) reverse the dimple.

wingcase & wing: CDC

Thorax: Peacock Herl

Tying instructions:

Wrap a base of thread, tie in the Biot and then wind the thread forward to where you want the abdomen of the fly to end. Wrap the biot forward that tie it off. Tie in 2 plumes of CDC, then the Peacock herl. Wind the thread and then the peacock herl forward. Tie off the peacock herl, fold the CDC over the thorax, tie it down and then whip finish the thread. cut the CDC plume to a suitable length.
John Desjardins
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