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One dam on the Columbia just put in a 160 million dollar smolt by pass system that looks like it may actually work.

Yup I said $160,000,000. The utility company who owns the dam will be able to use 10% more water during the 60 day smolt migration period. The amount of profit from being able to use 10% more water to make power will be at least $800,000 per day. Yup that's right $800,000 more profit per day than if they could not use that 10%. If it is a 60 day window on by pass then this power company will in theory be able to pay off the project in about 3.3 years.

The by pass system should last at least 20 years before being replaced. Even if power costs stay the same for those 20 years I wouldn't mind making that type of profit for the investment.

If this dam can do this type of expensive project and yet still make a large profit what are the other dam, (damn) owners talking about?

Let's face it we are in a 4 year period where anyone who wants to be really greety can lobby in Washington DC and has a good chance to get what they want. Screw the environment.
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