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Jim -

You might have done your work prior to my posting this.

Re: Keith's caution:

Having some background in an industry where hand-held heat was an imperative, I suggest you use the hair dryer on hot, directing the nozzle in a slow sweeping motion over a few inches at one time. Do not attempt to create a bubble in the tape, indicating a separation of the bond; instead, when an edge/end is heated enough to be pulled away,

take the gun and continue aiming the head down the tape line, continuously heating ahead of what you're peeling. If you peel at a forty-five degree angle to the tape, it should separate nicely.

As Penguin said, then some Goof-Off or straight mineral spirits to remove the remaining adhesive, a wash with a mild de-greaser or a wipe with alcohol-based cleaner. Use soft, non-abrasive cloth to rub off the adhesive residue.
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