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Yes, I did work at the booth. I was a live referral at the booth. Was nice talking with people. Alot wanted true info on the boats, and what they could handle. I brought pictures with my old Steelheader running a class 3/4. Was fun, a real kick in the pants. I only wish I got a commission.

Yeah, I won't go into anything on here. But he wasn't selling his boats at the show. I went around the whole booth, but he wasn't there. I only saw the one's at Ted's. That was it. Never saw the 2 man boat. But as I explained in the email, I have my reasons. As I was always told, what comes around goes around.

Thanks, I hope some of my insight helped. Best thing to ever do is to check out all your options first before you decide. My opinion is simply that, my opinion. But I've based mine off of years running these boats (well before they were sold on the market in the fishing arena). But, best thing I can tell ANYONE is to check out all your options before you decide. Luckily for myself, I've owned numerous Outcasts, then have run buck's, leighs (are they even still in business???), then tons of whitewater grade boats (maravia, sotar, wing, aire). So, have a well rounded basis for my judgements. I haven't only run a steelheader and based off that basis. It's well rounded.

Good luck. Tell me what you get for sure.
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