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No one was landing them except for the 70 year old farmer who totally lucked out keeping that 13 pound bullet from going around the corner and down through some submerged tree roots...
Back in my spinning rod days I was out on the end of a pier one night fishing for chinook along with about 20 other guys. This was 18-Mile Creek on the US side of Lake Ontario, it's channel flanked by two piers as it enters the lake. One of the things you often see out there is someone fishing with chinook with gear meant for 10" trout. This night was no exception: a college student with 8 lb test line hung on a 6 foot long buggy whip hooked into a good-sized L.O. chinook, on the order of 25 lbs or so. The fish hit on the west side of the west pier, so it had the entire damn lake to swim in, which meant that the fisherman was about to lose a mess of line and the spoon tied on the end. So what did the salmon do ? It swam along the pier until it got to the tip, made a wide swing around the end, then slowly headed a ways up the channel between the two piers before settling down for a long tug of war. It was the first chinook the kid had every caught and I'm sure he was sure he had it all figured out.
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