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No one was landing them except for the 70 year old farmer who totally lucked out keeping that 13 pound bullet from going around the corner and down through some submerged tree roots. Thought he was going to have a heart attack after he landed it he was so excited. Said he not caught one in over ten years due to his health he could not fish much and had to sit in a lawn chair while fishing. Go figure, this feloow was throwing a wobble glow from a lawn chair with a light spinning rod gets lucky and lands a 13 pounder !

None of the rest of us could hook more than 1 or 2 and then immediatedly lost them after a jump or few massive head shakes like mine, which decided to throw the fly up into a tree.

I did land a 4 pound sucker though.

Lots of fun met some interesting steelheaders who fished by me all day.

I think one was a GLs steelhead addict the way he talked, young guy with a float rod, silex set up, bobber fishing with spawn bags. He talked a good game any way.

I outfished him though hooked two to his one that morning.

Better get out that water is way to warm for end of march in high forties, they are going to come into some rivers do there thing and be gone quickly unless we get more cold weather soon IMHO.

PM Out
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