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Trail Creek

I accepted an invite from one of my fishing pards to go up to Michigan City and fish the harbor wall for Coho this weekend. We stayed with a friend of his who took us out. We spent all morning Saturday chunking hardware and drowning spawn with one Steelhead to show. Knowing I was a flyfisherman, on the way back to his house he stopped at a public access site on Trail creek so I could see it. Very cool place. I met someone there who bet me he could hook a steelie in three casts. I think it took 8 or 10.
Needless to say I spent this morning there, NOT at the harbor. Seemed like most of the fish I saw were more interested in spawning than eating, though I did finally get one nice male to eat one of Hal's chartruse glow bugs. Then there was this BIG tree. Then there was a broken line. :hehe:
I shall return.
Lots of feathers,
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