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Lots of fun...

I have done these types of projects in the past and always felt a bit like a kid playing in mud puddles, not an unpleasant way to spend a bit of time.
There are several ways to make the little vee devices that create small plunge pools and riffles. I always was operating in areas that had plenty of woody debris so there was no need for the building of screen boxes to fill with rocks to accomplish these deflectors.
A small stream that hosted a spawning area for a resident cutthroat population was cleaned up by a middle school biology class as a project. The kids did a great job of cleaning out the litter from the stream but also created a denuded habitat without any breaks in the current. I took it upon my self to do something about it and was totaly amazed at how much positive influence one could have by the replacement of a few strategicly placed logs and sticks.
I'm sure there are books on the subject but my advice is just do it. Wander down there and try a little bit and see what it looks like as you add a few sticks and rocks.
Sounds like a great project its the little things that make the big things work.
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