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While multi-tasking (that's keeping the kids out of trouble and any other single task for me) I turned the boat off, and turned off the hose so it wouldn't flood the driveway while I pushed the munchkin on the swing for a while. After the kids had a dad fix I went back to work on the boat. Earmuffs on the engine OK, start it up, Oh Chit - I realized I had forgotten to turn the water back on after running the engine for about 20 seconds.. I shut down the engine and consulted the boat shop, they said I may be ok but the water pump might be gonzo and replacing it wouldn't be a bad idea. ~$60 for the parts and about 8hrs of labor later I'm back in biz. I learned to be more careful and check everything twice and I got a much better understanding of the engine shift linkage and lower unit. I still can't believe where they put the water pump - Wow!

Brian, I did register the boat but not the trailer. Thanks for the heads up though.
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