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What's a good baitfish imitation?

Here's a question for all you salt experts-- I'm getting ready for the upcoming season, which should be gangbusters, and am trying to get some tying done when I have a little slack.

I've tied Clousers until they're coming out my ears, and I've tied Leland's popper, the Gurgler I use, and am now looking for a decent baitfish imitation.

What do you guys recommend for a herring imitation? How about for a candlefish? There are so many patterns out there that it's difficult to settle on one or two for a starting point-- it seems there are a number of different colors and combinations, and when you start in on the different types of real and artificial hairs, the number of potential patterns skyrockets.

What's your favorite salt pattern for salmon? What about a favorite pattern for pinks?

Thanks in advance,

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