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This fly is tied on a 1/0 hook. I made the tail longer on purpose so I would have a high wing, w/ the jungle cock under the crests. This was intended for a shadowbox , as I don't fish for salmon.
And the crests do go from short on the bottom to the longest on top.The bottom crest was chosen to "top" the jungle cock.Also, if you notice, the "tail" is tied in at the middle of the fly, at the second herl junction.
Upon studying a bunch of crest wings published in "Art of Angling Journal" , if there are body feathers, the bottom crest needs to cover them, even if it means the crest dosen't meet the base of the tail.This is what I did. I did see a fly w/ no high body feathers that did "measure up" as you say. I guess in creative flies, anything goes.

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