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Voodoo Intrusion

Yes I know, I only tie one fly - but it works! I have been spending a little time around Ed Ward lately and his Intruder concept is starting to rub off on me.

While I have been experimenting with the Intruder itself, I have had immediate success with an adaptation of my "go to" fly - the Voodoo Child. A large part of Ed's system is the fast sink provided by the lead eyes of his Intruder. While I've never been a fan of weighted flies it is hard to argue with Ed's logic (or his success).

So I added the lead eyes to my fly and whammo - I was hooking fish in places that I didn't expect to! Instead of most of the way round the swing - say 30 degrees from the bank I was hooking fish out on the edge of the seam 60-45 degrees from the bank. Now maybe they would have followed the fly anyway - but I did hook them out where they lay.

Here is a photo that shows both the Intrusion and some regular Voodoo Children(?), for the recipe (minus the lead eyes) you can scroll down to the Tyler's Tubes thread.
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