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RE:Craziest Tying Materials

(It's amazing, but the hair just behind my tabby cat's ears is exactly the same colour as Ausable Wulff dubbing...)

I've just started to tie, but I have found that my past history of being a knitter and cross-stitcher is starting to come in handy. A trip to a craft store's stitchery section will yield some interesting blending filaments, originally intended to add a metallic gleam to cross-stitching.

My hubby also finds it handy that I can waltz into a fabric store and order a quarter metre of sparkle organza (pretty much a lifetime supply for a fly tier) without getting strange looks from the clerk.

My most recent purchase is a block of yellow Fimo clay, to try molding flies (saw a Boyd Pfieffer article about this recently). I don't expect this to be a really successful venture; I just like the idea of it.

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