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Dear Malcolm,
Too bad you have such slow going. Now with some cloud cover you might fare better. If the sun gets back I suggest what has worked well for me when the Dee has been low and the sun really nasty (of course it works in Norway and Russia, too).

I use an ordinary Hardy sinktip (slow!) and lengten my leader to 20', making sure that the tip section is at least 8' of 10-12 pound test fluorocarbon (0.27-0.30mm). This long and slighly submerged leader in combination with a small and sparsly tied flie (a plain #10 Silver Stoat or my own Pale Rat) fished much slower than usual often has done me good. This even when the water temp would call for a larger fly.

The slow speed is interesting as I normally like to fish square and fast, and rather mend down than up. But with the sun blazing badly it seems like it pays to give the fish time to see the fly well in all the reflections that the sun creates.

As always there are no golden rules. This stunt has saved my neck more than once, though.

Earlier today I spoke to a Scottish friend whose family sits on the Western Elchies and Upper Arndilly beats. He said the going was much better than in the previous years. Arndilly proper had about a dozen last week. Our beat on the Dee had 13 to 3 rods last week, so it all sounds alarmingly promising....!!

Hope you get them during the Saturday!!


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